Hey!  My names Josh Rivera and i’m a 15 year old amateur photographer, adventure enthusiast, and member of the multimedia arts and design academy at Santa Barbara High School in Santa Barbara, California.


I love being outside, taking photos of my adventures, and sharing them with people. My main objective of creating this blog is for people to read and learn the backstory behind each one of my pictures to form an understanding of how they’re significant to me instead of just looking at them and just thinking “oh that looks cool.” While following this blog you’ll learn who I am…aside from the picture above,  the adventures I go on, and what I enjoy.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer them any time I get the chance!


I  hope you guys will enjoy this blog  and find it interesting and unique, theres a little taste of who I am  and what this blog is all about so hop on board and be a part of this awesome adventure!