Shooting my first wedding: Having fun, Capturing moments, and Dancing

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to get paid to shoot a wedding in Arcadia, California, near Los Angeles with two family friends of mine, Jay Reyes and Emi Hoffman. Shooting the wedding was a ton of fun and I got a lot of experience of what it’s like taking pictures of a wedding.

We met at Jay’s house at 10 a.m and left for Arcadia shortly after. After leaving Jay’s we picked up Rakesh, Jay’s friend who was also invited to the wedding. After picking Rakesh up we headed straight for Arcadia. We drove for about an hour before stopping at a local southern Indian restaurant outside of Simi Valley to eat. After eating a super interesting and delicious meal we got in the car and finished our journey to Arcadia. After we got there around 2:00 we said hi to the bride and groom and scoped out the area. Jay and I took some pre-wedding pictures of the groom and groomsmen while Emi took pictures of the bride getting ready. After hanging out and taking pictures it was time for the wedding to start. I took pictures of the bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids as they came out. The wedding ceremony was really awesome and I took some really cool pictures encompassing the experience. After the ceremony came to an end we took pictures of the bride and groom along with their families. Afterwards we hung out by where the reception was being held while the bride, groom, bridesmaids , and groomsmen were getting ready to come out. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen all gave their speeches and then we proceeded to eat food. After eating dinner we continued to take pictures and watched the bride and groom have their first dance. As the night went on we danced, ate, took pictures of the bride and groom, and had a ton of fun. After the bride and groom cut their cake and we took a few more pictures we said our goodbyes and left the wedding. We gathered up our stuff got in the car and started to make the 2 hour journey home at around 9:00 and when I got home at 11:15 I took off all of my fancy clothes and crashed out from exhaustion in my bed.


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