Los Angeles: Video Game Presentations, Vintage Music Stores, and Avocado Ice cream

Two weekends ago I went to Los Angeles with my family to visit my brother at college and have a fun family weekend there. We had a ton of fun together and it was pretty fun.At 10:30 we got ready, got in the car, and headed towards Los Angeles. After the 2 hour car ride we got there around 12:30 and arrived at my brother Alex’s game design and 3-d animation school Gnomon, we ordered tickets for a presentation being held there about video game design. During the presentation I didn’t really understand the concept of anything the speakers were talking about but it was still really interesting. ¬†After the first part of the presentation we had a break and me and my brother decided to leave with my mom to go get lunch while my dad stayed at the presentation with my other brother. My Mom, my brother Nico, and I went to lunch at a place in Hollywood called¬†The Running Goose. They had some bomb food and I was in Heaven. The place also had a garden next to the outside eating place so that was cool. After eating we went to Amoeba music, a vintage music store in LA. It was super fun to go there and I picked up a few CD albums that I liked. After spending a while there we went back to my brother’s college and picked up my brother and my dad. Afterwards we went to Melrose avenue and walked around. We went to a designer clothing second hand store (because that exists in LA) and other stores along the way. After spending an hour or so on Melrose Avenue we drove down to Larchmont and got dinner. We had some really good sushi and afterwards we went to a place called Salt and Straw for Ice-cream. I got a scoop of avocado and strawberry sherbert and it was oddly pretty good. After finishing my ice-cream we drove my brother back to his college and headed back to Santa Barbara. After getting back to Santa Barbara I was pretty exhausted and went straight to bed. It was a super fun day trip and I had a fun time being with my family.


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