Hiking Inspiration Point, Backyard Bowls, Rock-Hopping, and Warm Fires

This past weekend Tatym and I hung out and went hiking, went rock-hopping down mission creek, and made a fire in my fire pit. It was a super fun day, to say the least. 

We met at 10:00 at the inspiration point trailhead and started walking up the trail. despite the fact that It was 85 degrees outside and we were both dying and the hike wasn’t that exciting we both had a ton of fun. After we got to the top we admired the view over Santa Barbara and sat and talked. Afterwards we decided to hike back down and get backyard bowls afterwards since we were both starving and hot. After we got back down my mom came and picked us up and took us to Backyard Bowls. Afterwards we were going to go to the Earth day festival and take pictures with her friend but instead we went back to my house and watched Stranger Things and Freaks and Geeks for 2 and a half hours and almost fell asleep since it was too hot to do anything else. By now it was around 4:30 and we decided we had to do something productive instead of laying in bed all day. We decided to take my dog for a walk and walk down mission creek which is right next to my house and take pictures. It was starting to cool off and it wasn’t as scorching hot outside. We took Bella out for a walk down the creek and had a super fun time rock-hopping, talking, and taking pictures together. We walked for a while and eventually found a huge boulder that we climbed on top of and talked. After a while we decided to climb down and walk back to my house. On my way down, I jumped down onto a rock and fell. I rolled down a bunch of rocks with my camera and hurt my butt, it was no bueno. Other than my sore butt, I was fine so we laughed it off and started walking back up the creek. We rock-hopped up the river and then walked back to my house where we hung out and had dinner. I totally lost track of time and realized her and I planned to go to Knapps Castle for sunset. I tried to get my parents to take us but they said it was too late and they wouldn’t take us. Even though we both really wanted to go and were both bummed out it turned out to be alright because after dinner we made a fire in my fire pit outside and had a really fun time being together, talking, and making each other laugh by it. At 9ish we went inside, got in the car, then drove Tatym to the harbor. She was spending the night on her dad’s boat because she was going on a boat trip to Hollister Ranch in the morning. After I said bye and we dropped her off I went home and crashed out at 10:00. I was super tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was a super fun and eventful day and It sucked that it was over.


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