Taking Photos of Longboarders, Drifting in the Mountains, and Crashing a Moped

This week I didn’t do anything exciting or took any photos so I’m going to talk about a day I’ll never forget. 

It was a october 29th and me and my friend Forest were enjoying our saturday.  I slept over at his house friday night and we met up with some of our friends who are longboarders on APS in the morning. We took pictures and hung out with them for about 2 hours then they decided to drive up to gibraltar road and longboard there the rest of the day, so we went with them. Forest and I got in our friend Patrick’s mazda and made our way to Gibraltar. After going 60 mph or APS, drifting around a roundabout, stopping at the store for food, and burning out driving up to Gibraltar, we were there. We parked the car at the top of gibraltar and met the rest of the guys. Patrick gave Forest and I a ride down to a spot to take pictures and then went back up to go longboarding. For the next 2-3 hours Forest and I took pictures and had fun with our friends Patrick, Alex, Wyatt, Gavin, Kai, and Kelley in the mountains. After 2-3 hours of pictures and fun we headed down the mountain and Wyatt took Forest and I home in his suped up Jeep with subwoofers. After getting home it was close to sunset and Forest and I decided to take his 1981 75cc Honda Moped out for a joyride. After a while of riding it together we decided that I should try it on my own (I’d ridden it before, just with him on it with me). I should’ve known better and I didn’t know when to shift gears on the Moped since it was manual transition. I started up the moped and went down a cul de sac street on the backroads of la mesa. At first it was fine, I made it to the end of the street and turned around to go back to Forest. I went as fast as I could and started to get paranoid when I should switch gears. I looked down at the speedometer and it read 30 mph and without thinking changed gears. I jolted forward and lost control. (I was wearing a helmet by the way.) The next thing I know I wake up and i’m on the floor with 15 people crowded around me. I thought I was in a dream, a nightmare. I felt Forest’s face to see if he was real, if this was real, It wasn’t a dream. I explained to everyone I was fine and I looked down at my hands and saw they were covered in blood so I asked a couple if i could wash my hands off with their hose. I looked in a car window and saw my reflection, I realized I was okay but my lip was super swollen. When I got back I was alerted someone took Forest’s phone and called 911 and I sat on the curb not knowing what to think, then I heard sirens getting closer and closer. An ambulance and two Firetrucks stopped in front of me and the paramedics came out. They checked my posture and said I was fine, which I already knew I was and gave me 3 tickets, greatttt. When my mom showed up and I told her everything and she was relatively calm about the situation. The police had to impound the moped and Forest felt super guilty and sad about the whole situation so I tried my best to explain it wasn’t his fault and apologized and said that it would be okay. After a lot of tears and guilt, 3 tickets, and an impounded moped I got in my moms car and went home. She fixed me up, put bandages on my face, and wrapped my hand. Luckily no gravel or asphalt got into my skin and my skin was okay, just raw. I remember that night I had to take a shower to clean my wounds and it was the most painful thing ever. After a long night of tears, drama, and pain I went to sleep and continued to heal for about a month. Luckily I ended up not having to pay for any of the tickets, It got removed from my legal record, and I survived with just a scar on my nose. It was a lesson I’ll never forget and was a literal smack in the face to think twice about doing things I shouldn’t do and acknowledge the consequences beforehand. So yeah, I’m never doing that ever again.


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