Early Dismissal, Mountainside Drives, and Blooming flowers

Yesterday I had early dismissal at 12:45 and since I had nothing to write for my blog this week, I decided to do something fu and adventurous that I could write about.After I was done with school at 12:45, my mom picked me up and we went to South Coast Deli for lunch. Once we got our sandwiches and headed back to our house to eat them. After I got home and finished my delicious chicken, arugala, avocado sandwich I went in the hot tub and thought of what I wanted to do today. I came up with the idea to drive up to the mountains and take pictures of the blooming flowers and scenery. When I got out of the jacuzzi I dried off, got dressed, and grabbed my camera and keys. Because I don’t have my license yet (get it in two months) My mom had to come with me but I wasn’t upset because she was really happy to go on a drive with me and she’s pretty enjoyable to go on drives with. We got in the car and started for the mountains. After driving up 1o minutes and reaching Mountain Drive I drove along the mountainside admiring the pretty drive and view. It was a super pretty day and it felt really relaxing to get out of the house and enjoy the day. After driving for a while we stopped at a turn out and got out of the car to enjoy the view and take some pictures. The flowers were super vibrant and full of life as they were blooming for spring and everything was so peaceful and quiet. After stopping for 15 minutes we got back in the car and drove the rest of the way all the way down to Montecito.  On the way we saw some super pretty houses and enjoyed talking to each other. After getting back on the main roads we went to Pierre Lafond’s and got some snacks and drinks. Afterwards we drove back to our house where I watched Netflix, procrastinated, did homework,  and edited pictures before eventually falling asleep at 12:30.


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