Boat trips to Hollister Ranch, Dolphins, and Ear Infections

This past weeknd I went to Hollister Ranch on my friend Tatym’s dad’s boat. We met at the harbor at 7:45 and loaded our stuff along with some surfboards on the boat. At around 8:30 we departed the harbor and made our way to Hollister Ranch. The ride there was a blast and the view of the California coast was super pretty and full of life as the flowers were blooming. We sat on the edge of the boat and admired the view riding the swells as we rode to Hollister Ranch. After a while we went inside and I played Call of Duty with her little brother Oliver. Playing video games on a rocking boat wasn’t the best combination and I started to feel a little nauseous so we sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air until we arrived and anchored. After we anchored, we put on our wet suits and jumped off the top of the boat into the water. After getting in the water we grabbed our surf boards and paddled into the nearby surf. Tatym, Oliver, and Oliver’s friend Roark were all more experienced surfers than me so I wasn’t as good at paddling as they were and was a little slow. When we got out to the surf I ┬áhad a hard time getting in the right position to get the best waves and couldn’t get over the waves that kept crashing on top of me. It was also really rocky so I paddled in and sat on the beach looking for animals in the tide pools and relaxing. Tatym paddled in to see if I was okay and she told me that the surf wasn’t really surfable and the rocks were really sketchy so we just sat on the beach together and talked and watched Oliver and Roark try to catch waves. After a while we saw that Oliver and Rork were heading back to the boat so we grabbed our surfboards and paddled back to the boat. After getting back on the boat all of us jumped off of the top of the boat a few more times and had some lunch. After lunch Oliver and Roark wanted to go back out and surf but Tatym and I stayed behind because I wasn’t really good and we’d only catch one or two waves. After they left, Tatym and I hung out on the boat, took some pictures together, watched Oliver and Roark surf, and admired the ocean and scenery around us. After Oliver and Roark came back we pulled up the anchor and started our way back to Santa Barbara. On our way back Tatym and I laid on the edge of the front of the boat and kept each other from falling asleep because we were both really tired. Tatym was also super jet lagged because she got back from New York the day before. After almost falling asleep we heard Oliver yell “Dolphins!!!” and we looked down to see if we could see any. As soon as we looked down a dolphin jumped out of the water so high I could’ve almost touched it and started swimming under the boat. It was super cool to see and after the dolphin jumped a couple more times a second dolphin joined it. The two dolphin’s swam alongside the boat zig-zagging and jumping until they decided to leave. After the dolphins left we sat on the front of the boat and eventually dozed off and practically fell asleep. After almost falling asleep I noticed we were almost in Santa Barbara and the boat ride was sadly coming to an end. When we got to Santa Barbara we heard there was a whale sighting and kept an eye out for the whale but an Island Packers boat with a bunch or tourists scared it away. After we docked in the harbor we grabbed our backpacks and surfboards and took them to Tatym’s dad’s car and my mom came and picked me up. I said goodbye and went home, spending the rest day in my bed being exhausted. Even though I woke up with an ear infection that later ended me up in the E.R and could only be calmed by codine and Tatym got a sunburn I had an awesome time and had a ton of fun. I can’t wait for the adventures to come.


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