Mad Academy Sophomore Retreat: Snowball Fights, Snowboard Jumps, Warm Jacuzzi’s, and Snowy Sunrises

This past week I went to Kings Canyon National Park with most of the sophomores from the Mad Academy at my school. We had a super fun time in the snow sledding, snowboarding, and hiking together and had a great time bonding as a group. On Wednesday morning I grabbed my packed bag and drove to the Mad Academy to meet the other sophomores at 7:15 a.m. When I got there there was an airbus waiting for us and the 55 of us  packed our stuff into the bus and got in. At around 7:45 we left for Kings Canyon. The drive was super long and slow but at least I had my friends to talk to and music to listen to. At around 12:30 we stopped near Bakersfield for lunch. I wasn’t really that hungry so I just got some boba from a nearby donut shop. It was really overpriced and turned out to be the crappiest boba I’ve ever had so I drank some and threw the rest away. We got back on the bus and took off for the final stretch for Kings Canyon. When started climbing in elevation and began to start to see patches if snow. When we got there we unpacked our bags from the airbus and then had a giant snowball fight. After the snowball fight we met together and were assigned into groups of 4 to room with. I got roomed with my friends Ryo, Matthew, and Cody. When we got to our room and looked out of our window, this was our view.We put our bags in our room and then got ready to go on a hike with the rest of the sophomores. The hike was really pretty and we had another snowball fight. After our hike we had free time. I decided to go inter-tubing with my friends Ryo, Kyelee, Brianna, and Jade. We got the inter-tubes and met the rest of the sophomores at the main hill everyone was going down where we spent most of the rest of the day. After  inter-tubing I went in the jacuzzi with some of the other sophomores and warmed up. After getting out of the jacuzzi I dried off and got ready for dinner. After dinner I went outside to watch the gorgeous sunset and took some pictures then we had a meeting and then went to bed. The next day I woke up, took a shower, and got ready. I went downstairs where I met up with everyone else and we had breakfast. After breakfast we all went on another hike and came back for lunch. After lunch I heard that they were renting snowboards so I decided that would be how I’d spend my day. I rented a snowboard and hit he slopes. Some of the other sophomores made a jump and everyone was riding it. We all laughed and cheered and had a great time. At the end of the day on the last run I went off the jump super high and bailed in mid air. I crashed right on my shoulder and messed up my shoulder along with my neck. I was really sore and went back to the rental shop to return the snowboard. Afterwards I went in the jacuzzi and was feeling  a little better until a huge pinecone fell from a tall tree and landed right on my other shoulder. After the jacuzzi we had dinner and after dinner we went in the jacuzzi again. Somehow we fit 30 people in the tiny jacuzzi and had a ton of fun. After that we had a meeting and went to bed. The next morning I was up at 6:15 a.m. I got up, put on my clothes and my camera and went outside to take some pictures of the sunrise, I took some really pretty pictures along with a time lapse After the sun had risen I went in the jacuzzi with some other people and enjoyed the morning. Afterwards I took a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast. After breakfast I decided to go snowboarding again before we had to leave at 12:30. I grabbed a snowboard and boots and went back to the jump we made the day prior with a bunch of other sophomores. When we got there we discovered that the jump had become icy over night and it was not safe to ride on. One of the sophomores, Solomon, pointed out another jump that was covered in powder and was suitable to ride on. We extended the jump and made it taller and rode on it for a good 2 1/2 hours. I got really comfortable and confident with the jump and ended up pulling off some big airs and grabs. After time was up we headed down to return our boards then back to our rooms to pack. After packing we met downstairs, packed a lunch, packed our stuff into the airbus, and made our way back down the mountain at 12:30. After getting down we stopped for an early dinner in Tejon Valley and I had some In-N-Out. After getting back on the bus at 4:30 we drove the rest of the way to Santa Barbara. After getting back, the airbus dropped us off in front of the MAD academy where I got picked up at around 7. After getting home I just wanted to relax but go to my room but my family had 10 people over for dinner. I eventually crashed and slept in on Saturday.


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