Disneyland, Chocolate Pancakes, and Barefoot Soccer

This past weekend I went to Disneyland with my friends Matthew G, Matthew B, and Cody.At around 6:30 a.m I woke up, packed my stuff, drank some coffee, and headed to my friend Matthew’s house at 7:00. Once everyone got there we loaded up the car and left at around 7:30. We drove to Ojai picked up Matthew’s mom, Misty’s, Boyfriend Fernando. We ate some breakfast at McDonalds,  and took off, We ended up taking longer than we thought because of traffic, we got to Disneyland at around 12:30. Before we went into the park we ate some lunch at Subway so we wouldn’t have to spend more money than we should on expensive Disneyland food. Matthew’s mom’s friend works for Disney so we got free admission employee cards so we got into both Disneyland and California Adventure for free. Once we got into Disneyland we walked around for a bit deciding what ride we wanted to go on first. Most the rides we wanted to go on were either a really long wait to get into or were closed. We finally decided to go on Splash Mountain and went single rider to make sure it wasn’t a long wait. It was my first time on Splash Mountain and it was a ton of fun. We got in line to do it again and this time my friends and I were all in the same boat. On the ride, after going down a little drop I decided it would be fun to splash my friends with water forgetting there were other people were on the boat. I splashed everyone on the boat and got two people who weren’t part of my friend group soaking wet. I quickly heard the words of my friend Matthew B saying “there’s other people on the boat idiot!” and  looked back and immediately apologized. They were cool about it and said it was fine and for the remainder of the ride all of us couldn’t’ stop laughing. After getting off the ride I apologized once more and then my friends and I park hopped to California adventure.At California Adventure we spent a good chunk of our day, we went on California Screaming 5 times, ate some food, got asked to kiss a college girl, kindly declined, went on the ride Soarin’ and then met up with Matthew’s mom and her boyfriend for dinner. We went to this fancy southern restaurant called Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. We had a really good meal and after,decided that we’d do one more ride then meet up with Misty and Fernando with the car and then go home. After the 4 of us left dinner we went on Space Mountain. It was a 125 minute wait but we had fast passes so it only took about 20 minutes to get on the ride. After the ride ended we thought we’d go do California Screaming one more time. We walked outside and it was absolute mayhem. We had forgotten that the parade was happening and there were people everywhere. It was a disaster getting out of the park and took us about a half an hour. Once we got out we decided we didn’t have time to go on California Screaming so we left and waited for Misty and Fernando to pick us up in the parking lot. After waiting a while, they arrived and we hopped in the car and left Disneyland at 9:00. All of us slept during the car ride and arrived in Ojai at 1:00 a.m. We slept at Fernando’s House and were woken up the next morning by the rising sun.Misty made us chocolate chip pancakes and we watched the Spongebob Movie while we ate. Once we were done I hopped in the freezing but refreshing pool, took a warm shower, and got ready for the day. We decided to play soccer somewhere but had a flat ball and were in need of a pump. Since Fernando and Misty are family friends with Malcolm McDowell we went to his house to look for a ball. We said hi and tried to search for a ball. We couldn’t find one and eventually went to the store and bought a pump for the ball we already had. We went to a school field to play and played 2 on 2 for around 2 hours. The field did.t have any soccer goals so we used lacrosse goals to play against each other. I was wearing vans and decided it would be better to go barefoot, It was fine until Cody stepped on my big toe and broke my nail. After playing soccer we went back to Fernando’s house, packed our stuff , and left for Santa Barbara. We got back to Santa Barbara at around 5:30 where I got a ride home and felt exhausted and tired the rest of the day. I fell asleep and overslept until 7:40, 20 minutes before school started. I put on my clothes, brushed my teeth, did my hair, grabbed my backpack, and rushed out the door.


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