Snowboarding over the weekend: Meeting New Friends, Carving Through Trees, and Waking Up Not Being Able to Move

Disclaimer: The only reason I have these pictures is because I took my $1,000 camera on the slopes while riding my snowboard down the mountain. I really don’t recommend doing this if you are really protective of your camera and/or also not very good at snowboarding. Anyway…….This past weekend I went snowboarding with my brother and aunt at Mountain High Ski Resort, about 3 hours south of Santa Barbara, inland of LA. I woke up at 6:30 a.m, put on my snow pants, put my camera in my backpack, grabbed my snow gear, and waited for my aunt to pick us up at 7:00. My brother on the other hand slept in till 6:50 , got up and took a shower , and scrambled to get ready in time. My aunt eventually came at around 7:10 then we packed up our stuff and were on our way at 7:30. We stopped in Fillmore to get breakfast at a place called Yanni’s. We went through the drive through and got breakfast burritos . Afterwards we hit the road and drove the rest of the way to the mountain. At the bottom of the mountain we stopped at a rental place to get snowboards and boots and after filling out a few  forms and trying on a few sizes of boots we finally got our rentals and made our final stretch to to the ski resort. We finally got there and were ready to go park when they told us the parking lot was full and we’d have to park in a separate parking lot and take a shuttle up to resort. So we parked our car at the parking lot, took the shuttle up, paid for our tickets, put my stuff in a locker, and finally hit the slopes at around noon. I thought i’d be really bad and not be able to snowboard well because I hadn’t gone in a little more than a year but surprisingly I had the mindset to commit to everything I tried. The first few runs I did really well and committed to every jump I tried and landed every one. After the 5th run of the day I finished way before my brother or aunt so I decided to go up and do one more run and catch up with them at the bottom. I ended up on the chairlift with some kids that were total strangers that were roughly the same age as me and I asked them where they’re from. I was thinking they’d say some thing like LA or Bakersfield or Santa Maria and was surprised they said Santa Barbara. We started talking about people we knew and we knew a lot of the same people. One kid , Daniel, was friends with a lot of my friends and him and his other friend that was there, Conrad, both graduated from Dos Pueblos High last year and they invited me to snowboarding with them for a few runs. I went down the mountain with them and we had a blast. At the bottom of the mountain I found my brother and aunt and told them I was going to go on a few more runs with these new friends I made from Santa Barbara.We went on a few other runs together and had a ton of fun and they encouraged me to try things I haven’t done before (resulting most of the time in minor injury). at around 4:00 they left so I went back with my brother and aunt and we snowboarded together the remainder of the day. It was around 5:30 and I was getting in the last runs of the day before it got dark. Since I finished ahead of my aunt again I decided to go on a few more runs by my self once more. I went up the chairlift and made my way up the mountain. I enjoyed the feeling of peace and quiet while watching the sun set behind the snow lined mountains. Once I got to the top I strapped in, put in my music, and started carving down the mountain. As I rode down the mountain I watched the sunset behind this huge snow covered mountain and felt so happy and embraced every moment. As I went down there was a section to enter the trees and I went in and carved through trees. I saw this little gap in the trees where I could exit and decided to take that way out. I went through the gap and sped out into the the rest of the run going as fast as I could. I reached the bottom and reconnected with my aunt and brother and we left at 6:00 after some drama around my aunt losing her phone but we eventually found it. We packed all of our stuff in the car, dropped our gear off at the rental shop, and headed home getting home at around 9:00. After we got home I changed out of my snow pants, crawled into bed, and crashed from exhaustion waking up the next morning not being able to move and sore all over.


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