My Thursday of Early Dismissal, Pristine Parking jobs, Bomb Sandwiches, and Rock Hopping

Yesterday I got out early from school at 12:45  because I don’t have a 6th period. Since I got out early and hadn’t written anything for this blog this week I decided to do something with my day that would be interesting and fun. When I got out of school I asked my mom if I could take her on a drive and get some lunch and she said yes. Since I can’t drive her car because it’s a company car we switched cars with my dad. We got my dad’s car and went home to get my permit then we were off. I drove to the car wash and drove through a car wash for the first time in my driving experience, it was fun.  After, I drove my mom to Montecito to get some lunch. We both agreed on getting sandwiches from a sandwich place called Panino since their sandwiches are always the best in the biz. I went into the parking lot and executed the most pristine parking job in existence and then we went in. img_0133We got our sandwiches and sat down to eat. img_0563We enjoyed every bite of our delicious meal and then were on our way, leaving not a single crumb behind. I backed out of the parking lot and from there we went on a relaxing drive throughout Montecito. We enjoyed the scenery around us and had a fun time.  Before going back to our house I stopped in front of my friend Rell’s house and honked 20 times until she opened her window to say hi. After that we left and went back to our house.  I parked the car in the driveway and got out and went inside. My mom had to finish some work and wanted me to take my dog, Bella, for a walk so I did. I walked my dog on a trail behind my house that led to Mission Creek. img_0612I saw that Mission Creek was some what full with water from our last rainstorm and went down to the bank to go check it out. The creek was at the perfect water level for rock hopping so I took off my shoes and socks and started jumping upstream, Bella gladly joined me. img_0592We went up a ways and turned back when we couldn’t go any further and there weren’t any more rocks to hop onto.  Before leaving, I dunked my head in the water , took some pictures of the creek, and dried off.img_0608 I put Bella’s leash on and we walked back to our house. After getting home around 4:00 I just relaxed and laid in my bed. I started not feeling so well because I’d been fighting a cold lately.  I asked my mom if she wanted to go to CVS and get some cold medicine and she said yes. We went and got some Nyquil, Dayquil, Tissues, and some candy then left. Afterwards, I drove my mom to go run some errands then we got Panda Express and went home. After dinner I really wasn’t feeling well and my mom decided I should stay home from school today. I eventually crashed at 10:30 from being under the influence of Nyquil.


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