My Weekend of Stress Inducing Movies, Egg McMuffin Cloud Gazing, Mountain drives, and Beach Football

This past weekend was really fun and eventful. On Friday night my friends Ryo, Brianna , Kyelee, Claire and I met at Fairview Theater in Goleta and saw the movie Split. The movie is about a guy who has split personality disorder and has 23 distinctive personalities and a 24th unknown one that is quite horrifying.He abducts 3 girls and keeps them hostage and i’m not going to say any more and spoil the movie. During the movie Claire and Brianna were on the border of having panic attacks while Kyelee was trying to distract herself by being on her phone. Afterwards we hung out in front of Sproutsto avoid the rain until we got picked up.img_1213On Saturday I slept in and had a fairly relaxing morning. Since I have my driver’s permit I drove my dad to go get some McDonald’s breakfast then we drove to eat it near San Marcos Reserve. While sitting in the driver’s seat eating my Egg McMuffin I was watching the clouds and realized how pretty and defined they were against the mountains so I decided to hop out and take a few pictures. Once I got back in my dad and I decided to take a spontaneous drive up Gibraltar Road into the mountains. It was my first time driving on this road and it’s pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For one, there are no guard rails at the edge of the road so if you fall off there’s no coming back, you’re dunzo. And secondly, the road mostly consists of blind turns so you have to be super careful to lookout for oncoming cars or bicyclists and stay to your side of the road. I almost drove all the way to the highest point in the mountains but my dad wanted to turn around and go home. Before we turned around we got out and took in the beautiful scenery around us. The clouds were rolling over the mountains and it was a really pretty view over Santa Barbara. img_9495-1The clouds were moving pretty fast and soon they engulfed us and I was driving inside of a cloud. Soon after that I turned around and started going down the mountain back towards my house. I enjoyed the relaxing ride down the mountain only using the brakes to guide me down. Once we got back to our house I became a lazy couch potato and watched Netflix the rest of the day. On Sunday I went to Butterfly Beach with my friends Cody, Matthew Gerry, and Henry. We played football on the beach and as a result I got a bruise on my hip. After that we went in the freezing cold water and splashed in the waves despite not being able to feel our toes. After getting out we dried off, ate some snacks, and played more football.

When we were ready to go home Cody’s mom gave us all rides home and dropped me off at my house. After getting home I ate dinner , did some homework, that was a lie, and crashed of tiredness at the reasonable time of 12:30 a.m dodging the realization that the next morning would be full of tiredness and a dependence on coffee.


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